Shuriken game

At the start of second trimester (1/3 of the way through final year at Qantm), I joined a team for our final year major project (which I have also documented elsewhere here). Major technology used include Ogre3D 1.8 (Byatis), OgreBullet physics (built against Bullet 2.64), Recast navmesh engine and Detour pathfinding, FMOD, Ogre’s Gorilla UI, EasyOgre exporter for 3DS Max and Unity 3D with custom export scripts for level development. Source code can be found at

Recast's navmesh generated over a complex, 3D level. Also shown are early versions of the UI and shuriken model.

Although general progress was slow this trimester, many major systems were implemented (such as the navmesh pathfinding, physics and entity handling, UI and asset and level development pipeline).

Another shot of the navmesh. It looks like it was determining some of the roofs as walkable areas here.

Over the next trimester, my final project game started to come together both visually and technically. Although the navmesh had been a significant timesink in the previous trimester, many of the bugs were ironed out – along with many other aspects of development.

A brightly lit guard tower off in the distance.

It’s starting to look like a game, and now the race is on for final handover on November 27th.

That lamp's a spy!


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